Monday, January 21, 2013

How does facebook determin the 6 friends that show up on your profile?

Q. So if your on your profile it shows 6 of your friends. Is it because they were or are online? Or because they've viewed your profile? Or is it completely random?

A. It's completely random, but I get a bit confused, because these are almost the sam people every day!

Why is facebook stupid and not allowing the option of getting rid of timeline?
Q. There are many facebook users who do not like the new profile and are not able to get rid of it. This seems to be a good way for facebook to lose a lot of users. I mean if there are those who like this profile, good for them. I just think its retarded there's no choice to get rid of it after activating it. This just extremely pisses me off.

A. only facebook themselves could answer this question, but i'm sure they have their reasons

Why is acessing facebook/websites at work still an issue if you can use a smartphone?
Q. Can't people just use their smart phone/tablet if you need a bigger screen with 4g to surf? How come so many stupid people download porn or facbeook on company pc with a private wireless connection at their fingertips?

A. I will say they have smart mind and they can do it ;)

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