Friday, July 12, 2013

I am starting a new job in 2 months. Can i put it on LinkedIn now, with future start date?

Q. I will leave my current job in a week, and will start a new job in 2 months, much better overall terms and position. Should i wait for 2 months until i update my Linked-In with the new job, or can i put an end date on the current job, add the new job, and put starting date in 2 months time?

A. I would wait until you start the job. You don't want to jinx anything! Then you will also have more deals about your responsibilities to add to the description. You can however, put an end date for your current job on your profile once it ends.

Is it actually worth it to use Linkedin?
Q. I am skeptical but thinking of using Linkedin.
Have you experienced or know of an actual case where a person got a job because of Linkedin ?

Most of the professionals I know just have a profile and contacts but dont actually get anything out of it.


I am still trying to get them to stop spamming my e-mail address. If you do it, I would make a new e-mail just for updates from them.

I have never gotten a job from linkedin and honestly they have a bad rep. I have gotten a few jobs actually from maybe try there?

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