Saturday, July 27, 2013

How does facebook make money from people sending gifts?

Q. Like people who send photos and gifts like a virtual teddybear? Where is the money coming from?

A. Facebook users have the option to pay money for 'credits'. They can then exchange these credits for gifts or photos to their friends via Facebook. Credits can be used and earned on many Facebook applications and games.

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How does facebook get money if signing up is free?
Q. When we use fb, we don't pay anything, so how does the facebook company get money and become rich?

A. It's all about Advertising and the revenue it brings in. No different to this site.

Everyone moans about it [personally it doesn't bother me] but what do you want?

A site that is free to use or one that you would have to pay a hefty subscription to use?

To give you some idea the amount of money it generates, I remember reading an article about ads on TV a few years back. Then it used to cost between £4 to 8,000 for a three minute slot depending on the time of day.

Also don't forget all advertising by a company is tax deductable! That's why we're all swamped with it.

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