Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How can my business benefit through using LinkedIn?

Q. We are trying to expand our use of Social Media and create conversation. How might LinkedIn assist us? Please comment!

A. Linked is more of a showcase of your performance as a company while on the other hand you can share your official blog posts to make sure you get your search "slot" in linked in as well when someone searches for desired services your company is offering.

Hope this helps

LinkedIn: how can I grow my network connection without getting banned?
Q. I have invited a few people in the past to connect with me, however I got a couple of "I don't know this person" answers, which restricted my profile on LinkedIn. I was just wondering how can I connect to people without my account being suspended....I cannot send In mails, unfortunately.
I would appreciate your help.

A. i don't think it is possible,

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