Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is it actually worth it to use Linkedin?

Q. I am skeptical but thinking of using Linkedin.
Have you experienced or know of an actual case where a person got a job because of Linkedin ?

Most of the professionals I know just have a profile and contacts but dont actually get anything out of it.


I am still trying to get them to stop spamming my e-mail address. If you do it, I would make a new e-mail just for updates from them.

I have never gotten a job from linkedin and honestly they have a bad rep. I have gotten a few jobs actually from maybe try there?

Can I create and RSS feed for my Company updates on LinkedIn?
Q. I am trying to encourage employees to like and share company updates on LinkedIn and have had the idea that if there is a RSS feed on our intranet system they can see these. Can you do this? I have a feed from Twitter.
Thanks for your answers- You can link company updates only personal updates to twitter.

A. I agree with Tom's answer above ^

Let me play the devil's advocate:

A warning on linking social networking sites:

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