Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How can you stop a follower on twitter from seeing your tweets?

Q. My dad is following me on twitter to see what I'm doing but I don't want him to see my tweets? If I block him will this stop him from seeing my tweets?

A. If you block him he wont be able to see you at all. So no posts or profile.

Is it a good idea to include my facebook and twitter web addresses on my CV?
Q. I always keep my activity on facebook and twitter clean and have nothing to hide from potential employers. Would including the web addresses improve my CV?

A. No it wouldn't improve it. Having a link to your social networking site could lead them to think you're a facebook/ twitter addict and might be on them instead of working.

Trust me, employeers find potential employees on the internet anyway, but having it on your CV might make them think you'll be on them instead of working.

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