Thursday, January 24, 2013

What web development technologies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others are using today?

Q. I am trying to see what leading web sites are using as far as web development technologies. Technologies like HTML5, CSS, Java script, ASP, VB Script, HTML4. What is the common standard today?

A. Facebook uses PHP. Twitter Ruby on Rails. Along with python, java and .net these are the most used programming language in the web.

Why can't I access sites such as LinkedIn or Photobucket on the internet on my computer?
Q. I can't get passed the "Cannot Display" Page.

No matter how many times I refresh the page or try anything else, the internet cannot load these sites.

However, on other people's computers and my computer at work, the sites load no problem.

How do I resolve this? This is so frustrating. Thank you very much.

A. Hey!

Why don't you try to go on it from a proxy?

How can I make my Twitter statuses update my LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ accounts with the same status?
Q. If I post a Twitter status, I would like it to also reflect on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. I know there is an app for Facebook to do this but is there something more universal?

A. There is no such universal. Facebook app works perfectly fine. But not on linkedin...g+ can be linked with twitter but not with fb

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