Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How can I make my linkedin profile viewable only by my connections and those I want to view my profile?

Q. I've tried going to settings and editing my public profile. Make my public profile visible to no one doesn't work.

A. Visit the profile settings and then, privacy settings... Now, allow to show your profile to the public....

Good luck!

What web hosting service did Linkedin, facebook, twitter first used when they launched?
Q. I'd love to know how the founders of those popular sites hosted their websites when they first began as start ups? Have they used online web hosting companies to host their sites? If yes any idea which are those? Thanks for your answer.

A. they probably had their own servers, which they bought, its expensive though unless you have a unique idea of a website and a professional team to implement it. use any hosting company and if you notice your website is becoming big buy your own servers and higher people to manage them. for now I recommend HostGator, they are pretty good, here is a 25% off coupon: 25OFFURORDER

How do I contact someone over LinkedIn without an enhanced account?
Q. Someone at a company I'm interested in working for viewed my profile, he's also an alumnus from my same university. I want to begin communication from this person but I don't know how without upgrading my account for $20/month. Adding him as a connection doesn't seem appropriate at this moment in time and upgrading my account doesn't seem worth it right now either as LinkedIn hasn't shown to me it's worth it, yet.


A. Hi! It seems like it would be OK to add him as a connection, unless you know a reason I'm not thinking of as to why it would be inappropriate? The other option would be to try to find his email address on his company's website. Good luck! :)

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