Sunday, June 16, 2013

How do I contact someone over LinkedIn without an enhanced account?

Q. Someone at a company I'm interested in working for viewed my profile, he's also an alumnus from my same university. I want to begin communication from this person but I don't know how without upgrading my account for $20/month. Adding him as a connection doesn't seem appropriate at this moment in time and upgrading my account doesn't seem worth it right now either as LinkedIn hasn't shown to me it's worth it, yet.


A. Hi! It seems like it would be OK to add him as a connection, unless you know a reason I'm not thinking of as to why it would be inappropriate? The other option would be to try to find his email address on his company's website. Good luck! :)

How to make sentences on different lines on Linkedin?
Q. On Linkedin I want to add different societies and activities that I am involved in under my education section. How do I make them be on different lines?

A. you can't, you can only list one...sorry :-(

What are some social networking sites similar to LinkedIn?
Q. My uncle has to get a new job, and it was recommended that he join some social networking sites such as LinkedIn to gain connections and speak to others in his profession. I was asked to gather a list of these sites for him, but the only thing I can think of is LinkedIn. I know there are ones like Facebook and MySpace, but I mean more professional-geared sites. Any suggestions?

A. I have been using the direct matches site to meet people who are in the same business that I am - you might find it helpful- the link is in sources below

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