Saturday, June 15, 2013

What are some social networking sites similar to LinkedIn?

Q. My uncle has to get a new job, and it was recommended that he join some social networking sites such as LinkedIn to gain connections and speak to others in his profession. I was asked to gather a list of these sites for him, but the only thing I can think of is LinkedIn. I know there are ones like Facebook and MySpace, but I mean more professional-geared sites. Any suggestions?

A. I have been using the direct matches site to meet people who are in the same business that I am - you might find it helpful- the link is in sources below

How to make sentences on different lines on Linkedin?
Q. On Linkedin I want to add different societies and activities that I am involved in under my education section. How do I make them be on different lines?

A. you can't, you can only list one...sorry :-(

How do use LinkedIn to connect with others in my profession for real time advice and support?
Q. How can I get connected to working professionals in my field online to give/receive practical real-time advice?

A. You need to find a couple of people who have Linkedin accounts. Those connections will then give you access to their connections to the 3rd degree. I believe you send a formal invitation to the connections that you want and if they reply, they add you to their connections.

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