Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How do I stop twitter from sending updates to my phone?

Q. I keep getting twitter updates on my phone. I removed the people following me that i keep getting them from, removed my number from the mobile page in my settings. I emailed twitter about it. And i still keep getting them. Is there any solution besides deleting my account and having to start over.

A. Go to the mobile tab in your Twitter settings and switch the device updates to "off". Click the link below when you are logged in to Twitter and it will take you there.

How do I remove twitter posts from my cell phone?
Q. I am receiving way too many from certain sports sites and would like them to stop. Thanx in advance.

A. i had that problem too so i just deleted twitter account now now more on my phone you can try this good luck

How do you use Twitter to market your company?
Q. Starting to use twitter for my company and want some best practices on what works and what doesnt?


Best group of suggestions gets my points!

A. Social media marketing is beginning to grow at an astounding rate but keep in mind that social networks are for socializing and networking! The way I market products and services through twitter is well, not one that is observed by everyone but I believe is the best way period. I use platplatforms like Twitter to educate and connect with my audience about my products and services not sell. I explain why they should do business with me. I then direct all traffic to my blog where I begin the pre sell and information collection process. You are building your own list aren't you?

I would be happy to work with you if you like, just go to to get started!

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