Sunday, April 14, 2013

How do use LinkedIn to connect with others in my profession for real time advice and support?

Q. How can I get connected to working professionals in my field online to give/receive practical real-time advice?

A. You need to find a couple of people who have Linkedin accounts. Those connections will then give you access to their connections to the 3rd degree. I believe you send a formal invitation to the connections that you want and if they reply, they add you to their connections.

How can I make my Wordpress blog visible publically on LinkedIn?
Q. Please give a clear step by step guide of how to do it, if you know how.

10 points for fastest correct answer.

(obviously) I have tried to go into settings before and change it, but havent been able to - hence why I am asking this.

Helpful answers only please.

A. It's under your profile settings. Go to edit profile. http://www.
Under Additional Information - click the edit button.

What should I put as my professional headline and industry on LinkedIn?
Q. I'm a college student and I've made a LinkedIn profile. I want to go into the publishing industry when I graduate next year. I work on campus at an unrelated job. Should I have my current job as my professional headline and industry, or should I have what I aspire to be?

A. Definitely put what you aspire to be. It's perfectly OK to market yourself for the industry you want to work in, which includes building an online persona that portrays you as a "member" of that industry. Of course you'll need to do other things to make that online persona credible, like an internship, work-study, or self-publishing activities.

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