Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How can i follow twitter tweets without missing any?

Q. I follow a lot of people on twitter and i know i'm missing tweets. It's hard to tell where i left off and what i read or didn't read. Is there something out there that can save all the tweets which i can review easily? I would like to be able to bookmark where i left off and continue at my convenience. I'm also looking for an iphone app that can do this if one exists. Thanks.

A. I think if you "list" specific Twitter accounts that you follow it will be easier to keep track of certain accounts that you follow.

How do you view Twitter homepage once signed in?
Q. I have browsed Twitter for a while now but having signed up and logged in, I cannot seem to find the actual homepage with scrolling trends, top tweets and 'See who's here'. Can it still be accessed without having to log out?

A. Nope. You have to sign out to see the homepage.

How do you use Twitter to publish your business ?
Q. Starting to use twitter for my business and want some best practices on what works and what doesn't?

A. Social media marketing is beginning to grow at an astounding rate but keep in mind that social networks are for socializing and networking! The way I market products and services through twitter is well, not one that is observed by everyone but I believe is the best way period. I use plat platforms like Twitter to educate and connect with my audience about my products and services not sell. I explain why they should do business with me. I then direct all traffic to my blog where I begin the per sell and information collection process. You are building your own list aren't you?

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