Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is facebook going to start charging membership fees?

Q. I`ve heard rumors about this and seen those status` about copying and pasting and you wont be charged. I know theirs been rumors before but just wondering if this times foreal. Honestly couldn`t care less but would just like to know.

A. No, it's just another silly chain letter.

Is facebook really going to start charging money?
Q. I just read some things about Facebook charging money to use it! Is this true, or just a scam?

A. This is a stupid scam that goes around every few months. Facebook is and always will be free. They make money from advertisers. If they charged, I would guess 40-50% of users would leave the site, their ad revenues would go down, their advertisers would find another site to advertise on, and their profits would fall. Facebook is never going to charge users - that would be committing financial suicide

Will facebook and the police track down someone who made a fake facebook account?
Q. My friend had a facebook account and then deactivated it and 2 days later we found out that someone made a fake account of him. HIs mom messaged the person who faked the account and the person just deactivated their account. My friend's mom said in the message that she reported the fake account to facebook and the police but has not done it yet. If she does it, will the police get involved and track the person's IP Address down?

A. Yes they will track them down. We had a lecture about this kind of stuff in school this year. All you have to do is report what happened, and the police will do their best to help you.
We have those kinds of incidents all over the country as well.

People do it either for "fun", or out of anger with the victim.

You better watch out for this kind of stuff.

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