Thursday, May 9, 2013

My facebook account was hacked. How do I talk to people that work for facebook?

Q. My ex Best Friend hacks facebooks by clicking "forgot password" & She hacked into my facebook and unfriended people. How do I talk to people that work for facebooK?

A. No way out. I suggest u to login in that account and deactivate it there will be option to tell facebook owners to tell ur account is hacked.

How does facebook determine which Friends appear on your Facebook Profile sidebar?
Q. Why do some Facebook friends appear more often on your Facebook Profile sidebar. Is there a known reason why some friends picture will show up more than others in the facebook sidebar?
Because like I have a famous celebrity always pop up on my sidebar. When I never go to their profile. So is it like they're viewing my Facebook a lot?
Or how does it work?

A. It's really just randomized..but sometimes it may depend on who you interact with most

How do facebook presale for concerts work?
Q. I've already rsvp my spot. Will ticketmaster have a spot for the facebook presale? Help please!

A. it Mite You Never know A day or two before the Concerts Call the Person Whos in charge up and ask if they have your spot

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