Sunday, May 19, 2013

How do facebook presale for concerts work?

Q. I've already rsvp my spot. Will ticketmaster have a spot for the facebook presale? Help please!

A. it Mite You Never know A day or two before the Concerts Call the Person Whos in charge up and ask if they have your spot

How can I set Facebook to notify my regular email whenever I get a Facebook message?
Q. I don't go on Facebook often and sometimes I get a message on Facebook and I never know. I need to have it send me an email notice at my regular non- facebook email address when there is a message for me on face book. How do I do that? Thanks.

A. edit your notifications in the account settings

What is the best facebook application company to build my facebook app idea?
Q. I'm looking for a reputable Facebook application company to build and promote my Facebook app idea. Does anyone know of any reputable company that won't just take my money or steal my idea, that will actually help promote my app once it's launched as well?


they are extremely popular.

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