Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What should I put as my professional headline and industry on LinkedIn?

Q. I'm a college student and I've made a LinkedIn profile. I want to go into the publishing industry when I graduate next year. I work on campus at an unrelated job. Should I have my current job as my professional headline and industry, or should I have what I aspire to be?

A. Definitely put what you aspire to be. It's perfectly OK to market yourself for the industry you want to work in, which includes building an online persona that portrays you as a "member" of that industry. Of course you'll need to do other things to make that online persona credible, like an internship, work-study, or self-publishing activities.

Would you apply to a job twice through different resources such as Craigslist and LinkedIn?
Q. I applied to a Craigslist job post yesterday, and then found the same job on LinkedIn. I wanted to apply through LinkedIn so that the Hiring Manager could see my profile immediately, but I'm afraid that it might be a turn off.

A. No. Only apply for each position ONCE.

If you apply twice you look like:
a) Clueless
b) Submitting so many applications you can't remember to what you applied for
c) Annoying
You don't want to be any of those things. Huge turn-off

What web development technologies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others are using today?
Q. I am trying to see what leading web sites are using as far as web development technologies. Technologies like HTML5, CSS, Java script, ASP, VB Script, HTML4. What is the common standard today?

A. Facebook uses PHP. Twitter Ruby on Rails. Along with python, java and .net these are the most used programming language in the web.

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